Any idea what it could be? Disconnect the switch board cable from the motherboard. Can you get any external image at all? And when it comes to backups, you first have to understand the difference between an image backup and a files and folders backup. The only MS backup I can recommend is Outlook.

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I just had my DV motherboard replaced under the extended warranty as it would not start blue lights would just flash and keep trying to restart. My laptop charges correctly, but the compaq cq60-420us charge light does not turn on.

Did the cracked LCD have light?

Finally, I can back-up to USB sticks. First, the website is great and extremely useful. Could cs60-420us think the lid is closed for some reason? I talked to a Compaq Tech and they said that I would have to compaq cq60-420us it in for repairs cqq60-420us about 3 hundred dollars.

Compaq cq60-420us Regards jimmy danoun. Okay so heres the deal. I restarted roughly times and i was compaq cq60-420us to see a dim image of Microsoft Windows Vista loading in the back but after 1.

Paul February 9, Do I pull on the wire or the white plastic thing? The screen seems to work fine, in fact the computer seems fine apart from the damage to the screen bezel and the top compaq cq60-420us. Gangs February 27, Are these displays interchangeable between the series laptops?

I have double checked all the connections and they appear to be tight. Any ideas of what this might be? I have faced a problem in my laptop that,my laptop battery is charging but signal shows red compaq cq60-420us why is it so?

I have a dv compaq cq60-420us the same problem as some people have. Remove three yellow screws securing the keyboard. It is usable but if I run on battery ower I cannot top-up the battery without powering down.

I had exactly the same problem Tom did, but was trying to test it without putting all the screws back in duh!

How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv – Inside my laptop

I posted earlier about replacing dispay panel. Link in the previous comment. Also, you can google the screen model number and find screen compaq cq60-420us. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. Compaq cq60-420us to replace broken left hinge in HP Pavilion dv You will see what happened to your cover compaq cq60-420us also find some tip to find a new replacement cover. I was able to install it on all four machines and create the Rescue Media for each.

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How to replace screen on HP Pavillion dv9000

Check for the BIOS update. I use Macrium Reflect paid version.

Compaq cq60-420us this a sensitivity issue, such as some ribbon not being secure anymore, and causing this problem.? Specially thank you for compaq cq60-420us the photos. Anyone have any close ups of xompaq switch board cable connector in its proper position? Lily, which of the three?

What could this cq60–420us and how to fix it? I have 2 computers — one old XP compaq cq60-420us the other and older-than-dirt XP. Could be defective cable. Reconnecting the cable on both end might fix the problem. Maybe you can find a bad motherboard sold for parts on ebay.

I would go with parts designed for CQ Could be bad DC compaq cq60-420us in the laptop.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

Screen has no issues until you shut it down. I have a HP dv with a broken screen I would like to order to correct replacement part but not sure if i need a single or dual lamp, do I have to compaq cq60-420us it apart to find this out or is there another way?

A brief overview of Windows 7 Backup Windows compaq cq60-420us cq60-420uus an improved backup utility, but I find it confusing and difficult to understand compared to other alternatives. I removed the hinge. S9, S10, S10E, M Thanks for the advice. compaq cq60-420us

If external video works fine, your problem is somewhere inside the display panel. Check connection between the video cable and LCD screen.

Compaq cq60-420us laptop for minutes. I opened it all up and found that there was a small circuit board at the bottom of the screen that had exposed compaq cq60-420us right next to a grounding plate.