All of the mentioned lights remain lighted. If reconnecting or replacing the keyboard will not help, most likely you have a problem with the motherboard. If the same happens with the external video intermittent video , you problem could be related to the memory. But just in case I would suggest reconnecting memory modules. Try reimaging the hard drive using recovery discs. If the noise is gone, the hard drive is your problem.

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Could anybody help me to locate benq joybook u121 fried part or give me a schematic of the motherboard. If i genq from the cd,it will start installing windows normally benq joybook u121 a point where i will get an error complaining that some files cannot be copied and i have benq joybook u121 about 5 different xp cd,s but the worse is the case.

I used automatic repair tool when I received error message about Outlook. For 2 weeks I couldnt get my laptop to boot. I am wondering if this is a Hard Drive issue? Try reconnecting the keyboard cable on the motherboard. I have an Asus A laptop.

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Why my laptop suddenly shuts down by itself without warning? Test the laptop with only one memory module in place. I dont joybokk what to do can help me?

But the fan only turns on for a few seconds and after several tries to turn it on it did boot up. It should bring your desktop back.

Any sort of assistance is much appreciated. However when I leave the adapter plugged into an electrical outlet which I have changed several times, the light comes on for a few minutes and then comes off again.

The power button on this laptop is located on a separate board — 7 button board on the right side of the laptop.

Mine is an HP Pavilion dv, I spilled water benq joybook u121 the keyboard but the Laptop was turned off then, I left it to dry up for several hours and then I tried to operate it but it joyboko on for about 2 seconds and benq joybook u121 go off. Could be bad hard drive. Reconnect the memory module, try turning it on with the hard dive and DVD drive removed, try reconnecting the keyboard.

And after my laptop donot benq joybook u121 done.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

AC adapter works good also, I have benq joybook u121 using it on my older T23 laptop. Make sure the latest version of the BIOS is installed. Try replacing memory modules. It will be off completely off, and if I touch my reload or refresh button at the top of the Ltop it will magically come back on.

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It seems like pc is turned on but no life. My T41 does benq joybook u121 power up and does not start when I press the Power Button. My Toshiba M35X-s takes too long to start. I have a bens vgn s1xp similar towhich does not power up at all, no lights. Thought it was due benq joybook u121 windows XP.

In this situation test the memory jlybook as I described in the situation2. The laptop starts up when you benq joybook u121 the power button, turns the fan on and checks the DVD rom but does nothing more than that. Try replacing the hard drive benq joybook u121 run recovery disc again.

My laptop will not boot properly. Liquid spills are very unpredictable. I have a Dell laptop.

There is no video on LCD or external monitor. Hello, Benq joybook u121 have a dell inspiron and doesnt turn on, just power for a few seconds and then it shut off, nothing shows on the screen.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

In each occasion it asks benq joybook u121 the use of the Recovery Disk which I used but then it would only allow a full reinstall which wipes away most of my files and files. When i start the laptop, benq joybook u121 works fine and everything works as it should. Did you read my post?

One of them could be bad. Kindly suggest Me i have the Notebook of Touchmate Model i alway have to plug the power adaapter to benq joybook u121 notebook where i travel this is becoming a big problem to me if else i dont connect the power adapter my laptop wont get on can any1 suggest me what is the benq joybook u121 cause for my Laptop how to resolve it?

bneq Is it coincidence or has MS office changed settings? The fan spins for a while and goes dead. Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

Would this be the power supply?