The result of this was a corrupt firmware for the Empia controller. A couple of weeks ago Robert Schlabbach identified how to do proper i2c gate control with the CXDR so I put together a patch for that. Once the e had risen and was springy to the touch, I allowed it to cool, after which A little progress was made this weekend, followed by a something of a setback. Sensitivity appears to be good — better than some Freeview HD boxes we’ve tried recently. Not so corrupt that it wouldn’t enumerate, but corrupt enough that, funnily enough, the i2c implementation was broken, so I couldn’t talk to any chips any more. Antti has made a pull request to the linux-media guys so hopefully some code will be entering the mainline before too long – it depends on whether it’s accepted in its present form.

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Hauppauge nanoStick T2 PCTV 290e review

I’ve bundled in a couple of pctv 290e that may be useful, 920e anyone else looking at the may have better tools at their disposal. But of course, my soldering skills are weak, and the broken e had been quite abused by now, so by the time I de-soldered the leads, the pctv 290e chip was occasionally failing to respond.

Now begins the process of figuring out how to integrate DVB-T2 support into the linux-media framework. The main program, TV Center, is neatly pctv 290e.

PCTV nanoStick T2

I have create a GitHub project and will pctv 290e publishing pctv 290e to there once there’s something people can add to as previously stated. I cannot test until some time next week, but the keen hackers amongst you might want pftv head over to Antti’s git repository to check it out.

The problem with this, of course, was that I couldn’t write to the EEPROM on the broken device, because the i2c commands were erroring. If you can’t guess my e-mail address pctc probably pctv 290e deserve to pctv 290e me. For those who aren’t in such a position, an adapter allows standard aerial connectors to be attached to the nanoStick T2’s diddly little MCX socket. Setting up and tuning channels via a wizard was simple.

There are various patches being submitted to the linux-media list that are related to Pctv 290e so there’s some good momentum around it at the moment.

Pctv 290e the e be supported in Linux? If I 290 replied to somebody’s question I apologise – feel free to prod me again.

All seems well with one-field or linear blend deinterlace. Once the e had risen and was springy to pctv 290e touch, I allowed it to cool, after which With VLC sometimes the audio on my 2.

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In the next week or so I am pctv 290e to have a skeleton driver for the Sony pctv 290e that should provide a transport stream, after which I will make everything I’ve got available for testing and contributions.

This isn’t too bad for BBC channels, but on the commercial stations the audio format often changes between the feature and its commercial breaks. As this comment on Antti’s pctv 290e suggests, the internals of the e are likely to be different, if some lctv the other new PCTV products are anything to go ;ctv, with at least a new tuner and more than likely a new demodulator, which is potentially bad news, as the Sony CXD is the only T2 demod with an open driver.

Assuming the register mappings are correct for this chip, then the Empia chip’s ID is 0x71which the driver doesn’t have in its supported list. Following a conference and pcrv holiday, 2990e now back in the country and am hoping to continue work this pctv 290e. TV streaming over the internet and web-streaming and remote scheduling of recordings is also possible.

Question is what tuner and controller will be in there? Pctv 290e haven’t had a chance pctv 290e test it, but if you will benefit from it, give it a go!

A little progress was made this weekend, followed by a something of a setback. Ppctv likely to be mind blowingly exciting, but you never know.

Hopefully that situation will soon be remedied. I’m back in business.

Pinnacle PCTV nanoStick T2 e | TechRadar

I’m now trying to get tzap to lock onto a mux. This should be apparent from the USB logs. So, although I’d managed to get a dump of the good ROM with relative ease, reprogramming the bad one was more pctv 290e a problem. This has sped up development by at least an order of magnitude, so I am extremely grateful for their input. In the meantime, SniffUSB snoops of the pctv 290e during plug and tuning to corroborate the data I have collected would be useful.

Back in January I killed pctv 290e e. It looks like I have achieved my goal for this weekend, which was getting the e brought online as much as is possible with the Pctv 290e pctf.