Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in 3ds Max Surf’s Up. Justin has also had numerous articles, tutorials and images published in 3D World and 3D Artist. NURBS in 3DS Max, NURBS modeling technique, collected to from

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Sweep surface created with two rails. And choosing your snap settings does 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial turn on snaps. Lofts If you need 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial surface between only two curves, use a ruled surface instead of a U loft. If a curve is dependent or a point curve, first you will have to make it independent this also improves performance. However, understand that the more dependencies a model has, the slower interactive performance becomes.

It has no effect on viewport display. Adjusts the position of the 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial start point. For example, minimizing the Modifiers rollout helps unless you’re applying Modifiers, and minimizing the Surface Common rollout is useful when you’re creating U loft, UV loft, and 1-rail or 2-rail sweep surfaces.

Minimize the rollouts you don’t need. In addition, the initial points of the rails and the endpoints of the first cross-section curve must be coincident.

This rollout appears only and when one 2-rail sweep sub-object is selected. Push the limits of what’s possible. If loft creation seems slow, make sure the Display While Creating checkbox in the U Loft Surface rollout is turned off. Creating Curves When drawing a CV curve, click three times to get a sharp corner.


Procedures To create a 2-rail sweep: Growing up, Justin found a tutorual interest for the computer graphics industry after watching movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story and The Abyss. To insert a curve at the end, first highlight the “End” marker in 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial list. Sweep surfaces are constructed from curves. Displaying edges is almost twice as slow as displaying a simple shaded viewport.

How to Make Objects with NURBS Modeling | 3ds Max | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Snaps are especially important when you create the curves for building 1-rail and 2-rail sweep surfaces. Tip When you edit a 2-rail sweep sub-object, close the Surface Common rollout to see the 2-rail sweep surface rollout more easily. A 2-rail sweep surface uses at least three curves. Accept cookies and close this message Disable cookies. Lets you edit the currently 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial curve without switching to another sub-object level.

About the author Justin thrives as a lead modeling author at Pluralsight.

Curve Properties group These controls affect individual curves you select in the Section Curves list, as opposed to properties of the sweep surface in general. To create a 2-rail sweep:. If the cross sections don’t intersect the rails, the resulting surface is unpredictable.

How to Make Objects with NURBS Modeling

To finish editing the curve, click to turn off Edit Curves. Click the curve to use as the first rail, then click the curve to use as the second rail. Tip When you edit curves in 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial 2-rail sweep, turning off display of the sweep itself can make the curves easier to see and improve performance as well.


Select the curve in the list, and then click Remove.

When Snap Cross-Sections is on, the sweep follows the rail curves exactly. If the spacing between the rails changes, the section scales or stretches. If this happens, go to the Surface Approximation rollout and increase the value of Merge until the gaps disappear when you render.

Click to turn on Refine, then click an iso curve on the surface. Click each of the cross-section curves, and then 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial to end creation.

Adds a curve to the section list. A good rule of thumb is to start with Spatial approximation and 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial Edge value of In either case, the surface is blended from section to section along its entire length.

Interface While a 2-rail sweep sub-object is selected, a rollout with the 2-rail sweep parameters appears. Change the surface approximation to the lowest necessary resolution.

The V-axis curves are only for display. This can help eliminate unwanted twists or “buckles” in the surface. To assist you, the currently selected surface turns yellow, and the edge that will be used for the blend turns 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial.

To create a 2-rail sweep with automatic attach:.