16 Feb In his book The Psychopath Test, author Jon Ronson describes a strange event that occurred in A select group of academics from around. The book was ‘Being or Nothingness’, by ‘Joe K.’. It is a short hard-cover book, in which the publisher info page was physically cut out. The book discusses, in a. 5 Mar (By the way, you can buy Being or Nothingness. I was tempted to . K, Joe. Being or Nothingness. Ronson, Jon. The Psychopath Test.

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Joe K.’s Being or Nothingness Revisited: A New (and Bizarre) Interpretation?

Glad to have found this page, and will follow the discussion, but otherwise not particularly being or nothingness joe k in pursuing the puzzle if there is one …. Chapter 1 is a list of recipients ; chapter 2 o a list of recipients ; etc.

Dec 19, Angie Medina rated it it was amazing. What evidence is there from Nordlund to support nothibgness interpretation? Is it not being able to contact other people, or is it seeing your attempts to reach them bounce back unnoticed? Not at all, but Bein have a feeling that there are clues to be found for the meticulous reader: As mentioned, there aren’t that many Norfeldt in Sweden.

There are, to being or nothingness joe k sure, standard kinds of things to do — but not so standard that one can merely compose a fugue by formula.


The husband has a teenaged son from an earlier marriage, Jacky also crippled and a maid.

I am a computer scientist. He seems to think there were more than five books in the box; more like ten.

On the side of a rural road, a sign was put up. I hope to explore the texts cited in Being or Nothingness and those at one level of remove from The Book, if they should appear to me.

Much to the town of Circleville’s surprise, the notes continued after Paul Freshour was sent to prison. He is not a journalistic source, but rather someone I’m researching. And I’m greeted with a peppy voice that introduces itself as Per Norfeldt.

You can add me as another data point. I am not the architect of this little mystery.

Also it would make more sense if I also pointed out beforehand that if we also consider the conflict in existentialism which is between the joee and the absurd world wherein the people want to have or find meaning and the world not producing anything.

So we are in exalted company.

being or nothingness | La Luna y su Agua

I read through these threads in awe. I am a physicist working on complex systems. Did you not get the next volume: Dec 04, Allan rated it it was amazing. That corresponds with the choice of cover illustration, the two hands sketching each other.

So you can’t really put all the pieces together and I guess that that’s the strange thing about the manuscript. I just received being or nothingness joe k package similar to yours identical note, etc. I have recently published a controversial book that is uncomfortable for bfing people involved. Per’s brother, Sven Norfeldt, is a known billionaire and venture capitalist.


I just assumed that it was a marketing ploy being or nothingness joe k another book coming out. Years before I obtained a degree in Electronics Engineering. But I can live with that. I immediately thought that the 42 pages of the book were supposed to represent our 42 chromosomes.

That being or nothingness joe k a good joke right there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I have also received the book in exactly the same way, at my office address. The ideas produced by such a person can be staggering.

muriloq » Blog Archive » Being or Nothingness: marketing viral bizarro?

Preview — Being or Nothingness by Joe K. I send him a message on Facebook. I being or nothingness joe k he will not mind me quoting the relevant part of his response: T-shirts coming soon, LOL. I think I know what the cut out words are.