Blood Bound (An Unbound Novel) [Rachel Vincent] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By blood, by word, by magic Most can’t touch the . Olivia Warren is a paranormal tracker who tracks best with the scent of blood but can also track by name. When her friend she. 27 Feb Book Review: Blood Bound – Rachel Vincent. Blood Bound Author: Rachel Vincent Series: Unbound #1. Genre: Adult, Romance, Fantasy.

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His complete devotion to Liv, even after 6 long years, won me over and the fact that he blood bound rachel vincent me of Marc Bojnd was a bonus that many “Stray” fans will be able to appreciate.

Rachwl the urban paranormal genre gets bogged down in explaining every little detail of the new world and it is either boring or confusing but this was fairly easy to follow along. Skill level ranges a lot. Cam kept it a secret until someone else revealed the truth to Liv. But when he realises that all her feelings have been real he decides to do whatever it takes blood bound rachel vincent keep her and to keep her safe from Tower.

However, Ian is not what he seems.

Blood Bound : Rachel Vincent :

Ian is a curious character. In some aspects I feel as if we have grown together. Another sticky point is the relationship of Kori with her sister Kenley. Posted on K-Books http: Ruben Cavazos made a ruthless crime lord, but by the end of the book I was quite impressed with his character. Blood bound rachel vincent just love her, she is such an inspirational strong-willed character that anyone would want to be like.

To bund this up, great book. The bad guys are bad twisted, rachrl to some…but they have very human motivations. So much that I couldn’t put it down. Also, blood bound rachel vincent a breakdown of the skilled power sets that I remember.


Unbound Sereis – Rachel Vincent 27 Dec 30, He was so kind blood bound rachel vincent caring, whitty and flirtatious. After years of avoiding one another, suddenly one of them turns up on our heroine’s doorstep with the request that she uses her skills to hunt down a killer. The storyline that boumd up most of book one – that of the accidental BFFs Forever Pact – isn’t blood bound rachel vincent up at the forefront in book two.

That bond was your idea, to free Caballero. Liv was a tracker. Shadow Bound focuses on people who have special skills: September 18, at 3: She’s ready to play the forces controlling her world at their own game.

What did I like love about this story? In the meantime, Cam continues to pine over Liv including stalking her to blood bound rachel vincent apartment, which after 6 years, you would think he would gachel moved on and forget about her. This way, only the actual person knows all four names. Cam is a lot like Marc, but I never felt as if Vincent was trying to give us a copy of the latter just to make this book more likeable, or whatever the running theme seems to be these days.

He was hoping to get to Kenley, as the outside world rcahel convinced that Kori was dead. The President is Missing James Patterson. blood bound rachel vincent

Unbound Series

I have seen this series by the author at the library on numerous occasions but have never brought it home. And I kind of missed that.

Six years is quite a long time to keep waiting for something to happen. Everything seems to fall into place a little too nicely and while it makes for a good story, it’s kind of unbelievable. I can tell just by reading book one that the blood bound rachel vincent has already managed to sneak in little things that will make for bigger problems in following books.


Blood Bound

Call it slavery if you like, because that is what it ends up being if you get bound to any of the syndicate bosses. But that means trusting Cam Caballero, blood bound rachel vincent former lover forbidden to her.

Aside from the world that was brilliantly constructed, the relationships developed between the characters were intense and engaging. Right off the bat I felt a connection between Kori and Ian because their gifts are similar in nature and work in tandem. Part of me honestly wasn’t expecting to be so into this book that I may have forgot to in for work for a few days. And more blood bound rachel vincent will be spilled before it’s over….

Her Shifters blood bound rachel vincent even had me appreciating much of the supporting cast and minor characters. I gave my friend A Monster Calls on top of blood bound rachel vincent stack of books more in line with her standard tastes. Thanks for your thoughts! I honestly thought this whole series was going to be about the same couple and it was a little weird to move on when it didn’t feel like blopd story was finished. Let’s just say bond was a real eye opener.

She’s not sure but must find a way.