FM HBCT Gunnery Handbook Includes an assessment of combined gunnery skills in crew gunnery tables and application in collective tactical tables. Since hbct gunnery manual fm tracks re-read more than elsewhere time the invention, hates it own for them to attempt out tools about word. It will address gadget. My ARMY Publications FM HBCT Gunnery – FM describes how High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) gunnery tables (GT).

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After successful completion of the basic, intermediate, and advanced gunnery phases, commanders can elect to conduct collective gunnery. The gunner must engage targets with 5- hbct gunnery manual 7-round bursts; 1 round must impact on each target within 35 seconds.

A gunnery crew conducts after-action review. Advanced gunnery for the HBCT.

A crew duty penalty is subtracted for each crew error; there are three possible hbct gunnery manual penalties, one point penalty, and one automatic zero-point penalty. If the gunner cannot zero with a proper sight picture, he should have the unit armorer inspect the weapon before continuing the zero procedure. During this phase, individual Soldiers and VGCs are trained using classroom instruction, simulators or virtual training, and home-station training.

Dry firing is used to develop teamwork before live fire. Paster 3 is fired first, then Paster 4; one round must impact on each target. After that suspense, all crew changes had to be approved by the hbct gunnery manual commander. Organizing a unit for night fire hbct gunnery manual the same as for day fire. The black aiming pasters within the numbered scoring spaces are 1-cm square.

Ammunition Allocation Determining the total amount of ammunition needed for gunnery training can prove to be quite a challenge. The crews that achieved a Q2 on GT III did very well, with scores ranging from points in 8 engagements to points in 9 engagements.

Table III will be conducted hbct gunnery manual a single gunner using a tripod-mounted machine gun. The crew develops teamwork while training the gunner to engage targets with speed and accuracy, hbct gunnery manual acquire and engage targets under NBC and normal conditions on a stationary and moving vehicle. The gunner should zero his weapon using 9 rounds, and use the remaining 3 rounds to confirm his zero. Section Gunnery Section gunnery is no more than a lanes evaluation culminating with a certifying live-fire exercise.


Army Sustainment: Sustainment Battalion Convoy Protection Platform Gunnery

Hbct gunnery manual Infantry School No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written mahual from hbct gunnery manual copyright holder.

They are also used to train the gunner and commander in the basic skills of zeroing, controlling bursts, traversing, and traversing and searching techniques. During the first couple of days of gunnery, several communication issues led to a mandatory cease-fire until the issues could be resolved.

Conduct GST and GT I simulator training gunnerj to the live-fire tableand lock in use of range maneuver areas and training devices.

Targets will be placed hbct gunnery manual ranges between and 1, meters. Four of the crews surpassed the sustainment unit crew record that was held by a crew in a sister battalion. At the simulators, the crews start to see the culmination of all the individual and collective tasks they have trained on gunnety far.

If the crew fires at a target and misses, then acquires and engages a different target prior to reengaging the missed target, record the engagement time and target number in the appropriate hbct gunnery manual for the target missed. Table VIIA will be fired during daylight. Manipulation Exercise MK Hbct gunnery manual the second time through, crews only fired the engagements on which mnual had not qualified.

Preliminary and basic gunnery for the HBCT.

Within the allotted time per exercise, hbct gunnery manual gunner must obtain the minimum kills per target to pass each task. Total engagement time stops for the engagement when all targets are killed. One double-E silhouette, meters. The TC does not break down the number of rounds per target.

Preliminary and basic gunnery for the HBCT. – Free Online Library

The ammunition for this exercise will be broken down at the ammunition point. Although convoy protection platforms CPPs are not new to the military, sustainment units are now beginning to establish and execute doctrine on how to use whatever platforms are available to successfully engage threats.

These intermediate gunnery tables are natural extensions of the basic gunnery tables for the M2 HB caliber. Continue with the scoring procedures as discussed hbct gunnery manual. The course is designed to fire nanual machine guns. hbct gunnery manual

The section must have a total of bunnery least 70 percent for the evaluated tasks and targets hit. A section is made up of two CPPs. The gunner must engage each target with six single rounds. Preliminary gunnery reinforces the skills necessary to determine range and lay on and track targets during hbct gunnery manual and limited-visibility conditions. If the gunner is unable to zero with 28 rounds, manuap is removed from the firing line and given remedial training.


The instructions below explain how to use the scoresheet hbct gunnery manual defensive and offensive tasks. The scoring is based on the number of targets presented and the number of targets hit. If he is unable to confirm his zero with 12 rounds, remove him from the firing line and administer remedial training.

Army Infantry School 27 Jul. One point is given for each mxnual killed, and an additional bonus hbct gunnery manual two points is given if the target is killed on the first burst. Target group 5 and 6 exposes the gunner to traverse and elevation manipulation when using the tripod mount and hbctt position changes to engage targets in depth elbow position changes.

The evaluators issued an operation order to the section commander, who in turn conducted a convoy brief using a sandtable. The only obstacle that was not resolved was that the virtual ghnnery was not tailored to sustainment unit gunnery. Using the target acquisition process, the crew must acquire and identify the targets by nomenclaturethen determine the range using both assisted and hbct gunnery manual methods to within meters of actual range for eight of ten targets.

One round belt ball The hbct gunnery manual must engage the targets using the traverse and search technique five- to seven-round bursts ; one round must impact on each target.

On area target engagements infantry squad, and RPG teamfull credit is given when one hbct gunnery manual impacts in the target area within the time indicated in the task. After the live-fire portion, the safeties cleared the weapons and the section conducted a final situational training exercise lane, where they were evaluated on selected battle manuual and reports.