Signs and Wonders by Maria Woodworth-Etter (). Maria Woodworth- Etter trances and visions and, of course, abundant miracles of healing, were. Diary of Signs and Wonders has 30 ratings and 5 reviews. Pamela said: This is a book that was given to me by a dear friend. Over the years, I have read i. Signs and Wonders has 31 ratings and 6 reviews. Valerie said: Maria Woodworth-Etter’s ministry is often called the most powerful of the modern era. As God.

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There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth, when ye shall see Abraham, and Isaac and Jacob, and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, and you thrust out. Where there was cursing and blaspheming, there is singing and praising God. I trembled in my seat; maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders wonnders, how I clung to God.

Her text was Acts 2: The first five minutes they could hardly understand a word. His advice to the doctors was to change the nature of their actions and consult a lawyer.

Signs and Wonders: Maria Woodworth Etter: : Books

The time had come; Woodworth stepped out in faith. When we went West to engage in the work which God was calling me to do, the first place at which we stopped was at Willshire, Ohio. The people saw the change, and said I had fainted.

He would not yield. She was hearing music for the first time in her life and was very much affected by the sound of it. She was authentic, candid and courageous; there was nothing ordinary about Maria Woodworth-Etter.

My next work was at Bethel Chapel, St.


I would have my books in the kitchen, where I could read a verse and commit it to memory; then read another, and maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders on, thus improving every opportunity while at my work.

Sometimes scores would be converted while God would use me in this way. I was filled with zeal and power, and felt maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders if I could stand before the whole world and plead with dying sinners. On one occasion many were healed as Sister Etter raised her hands toward heaven while she was leaving the tent.

The Ministry of Maria Woodworth Etter

The cloud filled the house of the Lord, so that the priests could not stand maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders minister because of the cloud: I have never seen so much simplicity, love and unity. I was covered and wrapped up in it. He said, that if Mrs. In the Vanguard of the Pentecostal Movement Evangelist Woodworth-Etter in began her dynamic ministry—despite the fact that she had little formal education maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders didn’t start preaching until she was age She was not yet ready to turn over her weather-beaten tent and railroad discount book to newcomers such as Aimee Semple McPherson and Smith Wigglesworth.

Woodworth pleaded with them: I felt impressed that that was their last chance, and if they did not come to Jesus then their doom would be sealed.

Wodoworth-etter sinners who were near the altar came to the altar; others had to stay back because of want of room. Giants of the Faith: She was a woman working in a “man’s world” at what she was woodworth-ettrr to do. The Woodworth-Etter train rolled into Chicago late inand several Pentecostal missions cooperated with the Stone Church in a campaign. The Friends wanted me to travel a year with a minister and his wife and work in revivals, and they would pay all expenses.


Except a man be born from above he cannot see the kingdom of God. In maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders opinion, some of the people went to extremes on speaking in tongues, and others wanted the Holy Spirit to work their way, not His. It is difficult to determine just when Maria Woodworth-Etter found her place in the Pentecostal movement, but we know she was very active by Wendy rated it it was amazing Jun 09, There was a great uproar as maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders police detective and a probation officer walked up to him and removed him from the service.

Signs and Wonders

Woodworth says that she felt unqualified for the work that she was called to do. However, this was followed by numerous testimonies from those who were, indeed, healed. In answer to this prayer, she had a wonderful experience.

Many rejoiced with him. I have seen them falling in trances faster than I could count them and in all parts of the audience.

Not every physically afflicted meeting attendee was healed and some considered Etter to be a fraud. The dear Saviour stood maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders me one night in a vision and talked face maria woodworth-etter signs and wonders face with me, and asked what I was doing on earth.

I talked one hour and a quarter. The power demonstrated in her Oakland meeting was nothing new, she claimed.

Yet in these situations, Mrs. Some shouted; others fell prostrated.