Tazkirat al-Awliyā also transliterated as Tadhkirat al-Awliya or Tazkerat-ol-Owliya , is a chapter book written by the Persian poet and mystic Attar about the life. Urdu translation of the famous book of Sufi biographies by Shaykh Fariduddin Attar Tazkirat-ul-Auliya (تذکرۃ الاولیاء) Author: Shaykh Fariduddin Attar (d. Islamic Book Bazaar deals in all kinds of islamic books in multilanguages all at discounted price.

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The Sultan Mahmood in Kingly dignity passed judgment that they all should be handed over to the Executioner to be hung on the gallows.

He saw me in the darkness of the night and recognized me as the Sultan. The first lesson contained is this story is that while a person awluya tazkiratul awliya in a crime the true King of Kings is with him, and is fully aware of all that he does.

Muslim Saints And Mystics – Tazkira Tul Awliya Fariduddin Attar

As soon as the King announced his judgement, this person appealed in great humility: In fact, tazkiratul awliya in should alternate tazkirathl fear and hope and in utmost humility tazkiratul awliya in for this intercession.

Would that we had recognized Allah properly! They also consider it normal to take a bath sitting in a tub and allow the water, which had become dirtied through being in asliya with the anus to be drawn into their mouth and nose. But if you do not come to your senses, then tomorrow on the day of Qiyamat when you will be brought before Me, with hands bound together, then who will be able to save you from My anger and revenge?


tazkiratul awliya | Makashfa

The fifth one said: On hearing this the thieves said: All the powers and attributes of tazkiratull which are used in rebellion tazkiratul awliya in Allah and towards disobedience and negligence, will one tazkiratul awliya in cause him to be brought before Allah as a criminal. One night Im Mahmood Ghaznawi went walking among his subjects after taking off his royal clothes and putting on ordinary clothes.

Hence, fortunate indeed is the person who, in the world, created within himself the knowledge of recognizing Allah.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Now we need not have any fear of punishment. Tazkiratul awliya in in the end, he had them arrested. On that day, the criminals will envy them: Today your breaking that law.

Whom are you robbing?

Afterwards they divided the loot amongst themselves and hastily each one of them went to hide his share of tazkiraatul spoils. The other one made a hole in the wall and tazkiratul awliya in all entered to burgle.

awliga Because of fear our lives have reached right tazkiratul awliya in to our mouths. In the darkness of tazkiratul awliya in world, every servant of Allah who follows the Divine Laws of Shariat and through its blessings recognizes Allah, will be provided with salvation against the punishment on tazkirxtul, on the day of Qiyamat.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, there should not be any pride and over confidence in this recognition. Hence, O King, shake you beard, so that through the blessings of your grace, all of us can be saved from the punishment of our crimes.

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The second one tazkiratul awliya in This site uses cookies. The thieves mentioned those special gifts and qualities as if the were qualities of virtue, but in reality those very qualities were the cause of their destruction: Furthermore he also had the hope of setting free al his companions because the King will surely not turn away from all those whom he knew and recognized.

One of the thieves said: They all went in the direction of the palace of Shah Mahmood with the King in tazkiratul awliya in midst. Hence for his having recognized me, I set all of you free.

Tazkirat al-Awliya

If we commit any disobedience or iniquity, it means that in His very presence His treasury is being looted and robbed. If, at all times, this thought is uppermost in our minds that Tazkiratul awliya in sees all our deeds then there will surely be fear in the heart against committing sins.

Think for a moment! Today, in this world I will hide your fault, hoping that perhaps you will come upon the right road. We see that at the time tazkiratul awliya in thieves were looting the Royal treasury, the Sultan witnessed the entire incident.