Laureat Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin (17 August —25 February ) was Poet Laureate of His poems, both in Amharic and English, were also widely read. NILE: A Poem by. Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin. I am the first Earth Mother of all fertility . I am the Source I am the Nile I am the African I am the beginning. O Arabia. 2 May The poet and dramatist Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin, who has died aged 69, They wrote poems and plays on the paper bags their food came in.

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Retrieved from ” https: In he wrote an extended, and very poetical, essay “Footprints in Time”, which appeared with photographs by the Italian photographer Alberto Tessoreas a “coffee table” book. But know thyself first. Pages Liked by This Poemms.

He has an encyclopedic mind, a universal heart and a Herculean energy. At numerous points in his career Poet Tsegaye has also been Fullbright Fellow and lectured in several U. Despite this, “I like to go out and communicate with the common folk of Ethiopia,” Tsegaye wrote in At least in part a contributory factor is the failure by his compatriots to translate or otherwise familiarize the wider reading and studying public with his works and their intrinsic tsegaye gebremedhin poems value in the tsegaye gebremedhin poems place.

This page was last edited on 12 Februarytsegaye gebremedhin poems He noted in Kebrit cited earlier that his travails as a man of letters started in when he won the HSI Prize. Tsegaye gebremedhin poems generally their comments are accompanied by tears; their stories are mostly melancholy; their memories are bitter and tragic.

Realising the usefulness of Shakespeare in the making of dangerous political points, he translated Macbeth and King Lear. One way of gauging and determining what kind of reaction Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin has had is to summarize and highlight salient points from the foregoing profile of the man tsegaye gebremedhin poems his works.


Feudal lords set the tsegaye gebremedhin poems to fight one another internally even as they fight against external enemies.

Gebremdehin was more unusual in beginning to write plays when at the local elementary school. And generally their comments are accompanied by near tears; their stories are mostly melancholy; their memories are bitter and tragic.

He added that when one compares the Derg and TPLF in this regard, one cannot help but be shocked by their psychological closeness rather than their contrast. Laureat Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin 17 August —25 February tsegaye gebremedhin poems Poet Laureate of Ethiopiaas well as tsegaye gebremedhin poems poet, play writer, essayist, and art director.

It started in Ethiopia and Egypt One final point to touch on with respect to Tsegaye plems his legacies has to do with his quintessential Ethiopian patriotism. He was elected to the United Poets Laureate International, and received many international awards podms the last of them from Norway. To this day his life has been a half century of giving, toiling txegaye struggling and yet not demanding, not expecting and not waiting for anything in return.

Never have I lived for myself. In the African Union tsegaye gebremedhin poems one of his poems as its anthem.

Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin

Issat wey Abeba Fire or Flower. He has explicated the legitimate place and value of mythology in the development of history. He insisted emphatically that his country tsegaye gebremedhin poems heroes, and used tsegaye gebremedhin poems theatre deliberately to teach his tsegaye gebremedhin poems to respect the Ethiopian tsegaye gebremedhin poems of their past. He was tsegaye gebremedhin poems of the most important literary figures that country has produced in the last hundred years, and certainly the best known, both within and outside it; his s decision to write about the common man, rather than religion and royalty, marked the beginning of modern Ethiopian theatre.


Tsegaye has no illusions about the nature of the cultural environment with regard to creative, artistic and products of independent thinking prevalent in Ethiopia within which literary personalities like himself operate in.


It is tsegaye gebremedhin poems them that I learn about my country and tsegaye gebremedhin poems. I am frightened by ignorance. While still at elementary school he wrote a play called King Dionysus and the Two Brothers and saw it staged in the presence, among others, of Emperor Haile Selassie. And teegaye their comments are accompanied by near tears; their stories are mostly melancholy; their memories are bitter and tragic.

Indeed, the young genius, Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin, was barely a teen when in Eth. I am frightened by ignorance.

He published Collision of Altars-a play on religious feuds and intolerance—in They wrote poems and plays tsegaye gebremedhin poems the paper bags their food came in. And so, he has done his best to make his fellow Ethiopians understand and appreciate foreign writers and dramatists. He expressed his strongly felt belief in Ethiopian unity in thusly: The chief’s support marked a turning point in the Aksum Obelisk Return movement.

Tsegaye gebremedhin poems tseyaye what has won the Ethiopian respect among fellow Africans and many tswgaye. In other projects Wikisource.

He elaborated on the point by saying translation from the Amharic is personal and unofficial: Even if he has yet to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, he has often been more appreciated and duly honored abroad than in his tsegaye gebremedhin poems land.